Slovakian Lucia X owned by Milan Fabian with Croatian crew onboard and Mladen Kraljić at the helm is the winner of 6th Thousand Islands Race. Second leg form Tivat to Rijeka changed only the course direction among more then 1000 islands of Croatian coast but NE wind (BURA) stayed constant throughout both legs and will be long after talked about.

After five boats retired on the first leg, four races started in Porto Montenegro on Thursday 27 September and anly two of them finisfed. First retired was Hungarian Wild Joe due to battery problems and powering its newly installed Dynamic Stability System that needed looking after before their participation at Middle Sea Race in Malta coming in three weeks. They sotped half way up the second leg in their home Marina Kremik near Primošten. This left in contest for overall win: Godspeed 52 helmed by Peter Steinkogler, Lucia X helmed by Mladen Kraljić and Stribor helmed by Jeremija Kurbanović. All of them at the t time had chance to win the regatta overall.

Austrian Godspeed 52 pulled out in elapsed time ahead of Lucia X and Stribor. Only question was: would Godspeed 52 make enough time difference for a win under corrected time. However, Lucia X managed to reduce Godspeed's advantage down to 12 NM distance leaving Stribor further back in her wake. When Godspeed 52 cut finish line in Rijeka harbour after 56:38:50 hours racing, Lucia X needed to finish until 00:45 on Sunday 30 September to claim win of second leg and overall as well. It was easily achievable given the elapsed time delay and existing NE wind (BURA) that lead them to the very finish and they did it on Saturday 29 September at 21:03:50 hours.

Stribor remained the only boat still racing and had also chance to win overall provided she finish before 04:07 on Sunday. However, BURA again strengthened and showed her real bite after so many times in this year's regatta forcing Stribor, considering safety of the boat and the crew, to seek leeward shellter to the south of Pag island where they spent night from Saturday to Sunday. It became apparent that they would not be able to finish regatta so they decided to retire and motor to Rijeka. They kept their place overall. They deserve recognition for their project that included chartering boat in Šibenik, sailing to Rijeka, completed first leg to Tivat, almost completed second leg and at the end return to Šibenik.

Thousand Islands Race is for runner-up, Austrian Godspeed 52, the first stop of their project of participation in best known offshore regattas and their next stop is Middle Sea Race in Malta where Wilde Joe will also take part for the eight time.

The winner Lucia X is the only boat that participated in every single Thousand Islands Race to date. With their last year's win in ORC Group 3 at Middle Sea Race the crew demonstrated they are well prepared for the high winds that marked this edition of Thousand Islands Race. Lucia X's crew constitute Mladen Kraljić, Karlo Kraljić, Mladen Kvasić, Dinko Petrov, Neven Cuculić, Vlado Grego, Martin Tvrdon and Alen Mrakovčić. Final results ....

Next, 7th Thousand Islands Race will be held on the same course from 19 – 29 September 2019.



Austrian Peter Steinkolger on Godspeed 52 is the winner of 278 NM long first leg of Thousand Islands Race from Rijeka to Tivat. Single word description of the leg would be - BURA. Strong and gusty offshore NE wind caused by cold inland air precipitating to the sea from top of the high mountainous range along eastern Adriatic coast that numerous books and studies are written about over centuries and is eternal challenge for sailors to master. In six years of Thousand Island Race BURA is regular partner but first time influnced sailors so significantly even before the start and of course during racing. The reason was the forecast that called for gusts of 60-80 knots and caused originally entered 17 boats from 10 countires reducing down to 9 starters one multihul included. Modern times provide access to loads of information and various prognosis that one could trust and follow in deciding to race or not, thinking primarily about safety of its own crew and boat.

Start was in drifting conditions and boats were crawling between islands Krk and Cres hoping to get quickly through known area of light irregular winds and reach island Plavnik to get fresher winds. No surprise Wild Joe was the fastest boat and reached island Silba quickly. Given the forecast they decided to turn back and hide in Mali Lošinj waiting for bura to form and vent off. Others followed suit shortly after and racing was rather report where each of them is stationed: Hispaniola decided to retire and returned to Rijeka, Cassiopea stoped in Rab, Cleansport One in Sali, trimaran Sayg I in Ilovik.

Godspeed 52 choose to continue through Zadar canal where bura was little weaker that later will be proven as detrimental for their first leg win. Slovakian Lucia X owned by Milan Fabian with Croatian crew of Sailing Club Plav from island Krk and Montenegrin crew with Jeremija Kurbanović helming onboard Stribor were only two boats continued but all of them sheltered in leeward of islands several times to change rig to storm set to meet the conditions.

Conditions demonstarted also importance of thourough safety equipment scrutiny that is traditionlly and persistently held in Rijeka before the start of each Thousand Islands Race. It followed that Cleansport One and Sayg I retired from the race and Cassiopea continued and also Wild Joe after stop of more then 24 h in Mali Lošinj and attempted to cross the finish line in Tivat within time limit expiring within next 29 hours.

Godspeed 52 crossed finish line at Porto Montenegro marina on Tuesday 25 September at 14:36:52 after 50:36:52 h with bura that was still gusting 40 knots. At the time of her finish two boats still had chance to win on corrected time. Lucia X needed to finish before 19:32 h. Unfortunatelly after 56 hours of racing she missed to win this leg by 36 minutes. Montenegrin crew cheered by local social media needed to hit home waters finish line by 02:30 to win on corrected times and it looked possible at some point. Perhaps storm sails did not allow for faster sailing and it ended at 05:11:11 and secured podium as third. Godspeed 52 secured its first place on first leg under elapsed and corrected time and is entering the second leg as favourite to win 6th Thousand Islands Race overall. Lucia X is second under corrected time.

After Wilde Joe decided to continue it attracted lot of attention as it sailed very fast up to 28 knots at times. Hovewer, could not reach the finish line because logistic reasons of her crew organisation prevented them to complete the leg so they announced retirement in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday and motored to Tivat. On entering Boka Kotorska bay they still reported 50 knots gusts of bura.

This first leg edition with fenomenal bura will for sure stay in long memory of all and all sailors deserve congratulations for their preparedness in mastering the conditions without any serious issues. Boats are now resting one day in fabulous Porto Montenegro marina before retun second leg start on Thursday 27 September at noon from Tivat to Rijeka.



Traditionally, today at noon major of Rijeka Mr Vojko Obersnel symbolically signalled start of the 6th Thousand Islands Race outside Rijeka harbour with a long horn sound from harbour master’s rescue vessel “Vid” used as signalling boat.

In spite of prognosis for 278 NM long route calling SE at first and then NE (Bura) of 25 knots gusting up to 40 knots the start has been hit by drifting conditions. Forecasted winds caused several boats among 17 entrants from 10 countries to give up the attempt shortly before the start. However, such prognosis could give possibility to obliterate existing first leg record that is currently holding Hungarian Wild Joe of 27:24:25 hours established in 2015. Wild Joe reappeared this year fully renewed with addition of Dynamic Stability System that horizontally protrude from boat’s hull giving extra stability.

Austrian Godspeed Farr 52 owned by Peter Steinkogler is participating first time and together with Wild Joe took the lead shortly after starting at the first rounding mark. The biggest boat is 22 m long Hungarian Casiopea 68 of Demeter Nobilis arriving straight from Barcelona. Slovakian Lucia X with Croatian crew, members of Sailing Club Plav from nearby island Krk, that is also winner in its group at Middle Sea Race last year, has also participated in all Thousand Islands Races to date. However, first to cut the starting line in Rijeka was Stribor chartered by Montenegrin crew, members of Sailing Club Delfin from Tivat, so until the end of first leg we may expect interesting battle in real time and under corrected time.

Sailing from Rijeka to Tivat means racing passes literally among thousands of islands, hence the regatta name. Islands Unije, Susak, Premuda, Dugi otok, Kornat, Vis, Lastovo and Sveti Andrija on the first leg shall be left on starboard. Except marks at start and finish lines there is no other course limitations and each crew may choose fastest course at will and skill. First boats at finish line in Tivat are expected during Monday 24 September.


This is to announce Thousand Island Race Facebook contest. Courtesy of Ventex Rijeka, official IT provider, Overmax sport camera Activecam 4.1 may be won. The rules are simple:

  • Photos from competing boats needs to be sent by message to Thousand Island Race Facebook or sent by mail to

  • As soon as received photo is post on Facebook wall

  • Winning photo getting most likes will be awarded the prize until Sunday, September 30th at 12:00

  • Ties will be resolved in favour of photo posted earlier

  • By accepting this competition you are giving rights to the organiser to use any photo received for promotional activities.


Sailing Club of Rijeka and Porto Montenegro Yacht Club are privileged to announce dates and invite sailors to the sixth Thousand Islands Race from 20 - 30 September 2018. The race that is run among more than 1000 Adriatic islands is sailed on what we like to call as the best offshore course that nature may design.

There are two legs and participating yachts can choose to race leg 1 only, leg 2 only or both legs. First leg is starting on Sunday, September 23rd in front of the historic Rijeka harbour in Croatia. Race course is set to leave islands Unije, Susak, Premuda, Dugi Otok, Kornat, Vis, Lastovo and Sv. Andrija on starboard and finish in front of Porto Montenegro marina in Tivat, Montenegro. Over distance of about 280 miles, challenge of navigating among the many islands and channels of the Croatian coast and fascinating Boka Kotorska bay await competitors. In return they are awarded by pleasure of sport and stunning region's natural beauty known around the world for its character.

After the prize giving party on Wednesday, September 26th, the fleet races back to Rijeka on the same course, starting on Thursday, September 27th followed by the prize giving scheduled for Saturday, September 30th in Rijeka.
A short promotional tune-up race is planned in Rijeka on Saturday 22th September and "1000 islands + 2 race" in Boka bay on Wednesday September 26th. Thousand Islands Race, already outstanding sailing experience in addition with its social events in Rijeka and Porto Montenegro marina would give good time together, seeing fellow sailors and meeting new friends.

Both legs records were set in 2015 by Hungarian Wild Joe. 27h 25m 5s with average speed of 10.14 kt for Leg 1 and 32h 45s with speed of 8.86 kt for Leg 2 are recognized by the World Speed Sailing Record Council. This is new challenge for Thousand Islands Race participants and opportunity to be listed in World Speed Sailing Records.

Entries in monohull division need an ORC Club or ORC International certificate and for multihull division, MOCRA certificate. Accepted are also double handed, one-design or boats of same type or production model as separate categories. Entry fee is 700 EUR but significant discount to 450 EUR for entries and entry fee payment received before 01.01.2018. There is also further discount for boats competing in on leg only.

Please consult Notice of Race for details, and also accommodation details in Rijeka and Tivat as well as logistic information about both venues. There are options for crew availability. In addition we would be very happy to answer your queries via
The easiest way to make your entry is on-line entry form. We are looking forward to see list of entered boats grow and host top sailors on this unique offshore race.

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