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  The Thousand Islands Race is organized by the Sailing Club of Rijeka, SCOR in conjunction with Udruga “Vjetar”, Porto Montengro Yacht Club, under the authority of Croatian Sailing Federation and Montengrin Sailing Federation and overall authority of the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) and the World Sailing (WS).

The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).

2.2 The following rules will also apply:
  a)   International Measurement System IMS
b)   ORC Rating systems
c)   MOCRA Rating Rule for multihulls
d)   Offshore Special Regulations for Category 3 with life raft

If there is a conflict between languages the English text will take precedence.


WS Advertising Code will apply. Competitors & boats may advertise without restriction. Event Advertising by the Organizing Authority will be:


Bow numbers with advertisement that must be displayed as forward as possible on the both sides of the first 20% of the hull


Sponsor graphics to be displayed on the both sides of the foremost 20% of the mainsail boom


A sponsor’s flag that has to be flown on the backstay throughout the entire event


The Organizing Authority may also require the installation, at no cost to competitors of additional equipment, such as onboard video cameras or global positioning devices.


The Thousand Islands Race is open to offshore boats that fully satisfy the requirements of the WS Offshore Special Regulations for Category 3 with life raft. Monohulls shall have valid ORC International or ORC Club certificates, while multihulls shall have valid MOCRA certificate. Boats without ORC or MOCRA certificate may contact the organizer at to get necessary information how to obtain one

4.2 Competitors shall comply with WS Eligibility Code and be verified by their national sailing authorities. Any crewmember still under the age of 18 by the day before the start of the race shall supply the written consent of a parent or legal guardian which shall be attached to the crew list submitted at Registration before the race.
4.3 The Owner or Charterer of a participating boat shall hold current adequate marine legal liability insurance policy with respect to the boat, valid when racing and will ensure that all crewmembers are aware of the importance of effecting appropriate personal insurance.
5.1 Boats will be divided in classes according to their ratings. Class limits will be based on final entry list. Class results will be extrapolated from the overall results of all boats for each division: monohull and multihull.
5.2 Subject to the participation of a sufficient number of entrants, there may be also the following other categories with separate results:
a) A Double Handed Category for boats sailed by two persons only racing under ORC Double handed ratings
b) A One Design Category for boats complying with one design class rules or boats of the same type or production model racing under elapsed time
5.3 The formation of any of the above categories or classes is at the discretion of the Organizing Authority.
5.4 The Organizing Authority reserves the right to accept entries or classes that are not listed above.  

An electronic tracking system may be used to track the position of participating boats during the race and participants will be required to allow the installation of tracking device on their boats. The Organizing Authority may use the information received from the system for media coverage of the race as well as for technical and safety purposes. Participants shall be responsible for the tracking device while on board and shall return it to the Race Office after finishing or retiring. On registration, participants may be required to give a deposit or credit card number which may be charged by the Organizing Authority if the tracking device is not returned. 

7.1 Entries should be submitted to the Organizing Authority, with the copy of the boat's rating certificate before 1st September 2018 by on-line entry form. Late entries may be accepted at organizer's discretion.
7.2 The non-refundable entry fee is as follows:
  Two legs One leg
Entry and entry fee payment before 01.01.2018. 450 EUR 300 EUR
Entry and entry fee payment from 01.01.2018. 700 EUR 500 EUR
Bank details
Bank: Privredna banka Zagreb
, d.d., Račkoga 6, HR 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Account holder: Udruga "Vjetar", Verdieva 11, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia

Account: IBAN: HR29 2340 0091 1104 2340 6, SWIFT Code: PBZGHR2X
7.3 A boat is considered pre-registered if the following documents are received before 1st September 2018:
  a)  Completed entry from
b)  Current ORC or MOCRA certificate
c)  Entry fee payment confirmation
7.4 The Organizer is not responsible for any costs incurred by the non-acceptance of a boat's registration.
8.1 Each owner or skipper must personally register in the Race Office in the Port of Rijeka. Race office is open from 10:00 until 20:00 on Thursday, 20th and Friday, 21st September 2018. 
8.2 The following documents shall be presented at registration:
  a)  Valid ORC or MOCRA certificate issued before 20.09.2018.
b)  Valid third-party insurance
c)  Permission of respective National Authority, if advertising is displayed
d)  Crew list with name and sailing license number
e)  Contact phone both on boat and land, including the name of contact person
f)   Liability acceptance form, duly completed and signed
g)  Crew list with name, passport number, date and place of birth for custom clearance.
  This changes RRS 78.2.
8.3 No changes shall be made on ORC certificates after 20.09.2018 unless prescribed by the Technical Committee.
8.4 Measurement protests by the boats shall be accepted up to two hours after the posting of the final ratings.
Thursday September 20th 10:00 - 20:00 Registration and safety equipment check
Friday September 21st 10:00 - 20:00 Registration and safety equipment check
Saturday September 22nd 09:00 Tune up Race briefing
    12:00 Tune up Race (Coastal Race in front of Rijeka)
    18:00 Skipper's meeting and safety briefing
    20:00 Sailors' party
Sunday September 23rd 09:00 Weather report
    12:00 Start of Leg 1: Rijeka - Porto Montenegro
Wednesday September 26th 09:00 1000 island + 2 race briefing
    12:00 Time limit for Leg 1
    12:00 1000 islands + 2 race in Boka bay
    20:00 Prize giving for Leg 1
Thursday September 27th 09:00 Weather report and safety briefing
    12:00 Start of Leg 2: Porto Montenegro - Rijeka
Sunday September 30th 12:00 Time limit for Leg 2
    14:00 Prize giving for Leg 2 and overall

Two races (legs) are scheduled. Boats may select to race: Leg 1 only, Leg 2 only or both legs.


Course of Leg 1: Start (Rijeka) – Finish (Porto Montenegro). Islands Unije, Susak, Premuda, Dugi Otok, Kornat, Vis, Lastovo and Sveti Andrija to be left to starboard.


Course of Leg 2: Start (Porto Montenegro) – Finish (Rijeka). Islands Sveti Andrija, Lastovo, Vis, Kornat, Dugi Otok, Premuda, Susak and Unije to be left to port.

  Additional marks (buoys) that may be laid in the Start and Finishing areas will be described in the Sailing Instructions.

The tune up race is intended as a promotional race where each participating boat is kindly asked to have on board one journalist or VIP who will be assigned after completion of all registration formalities.


The Tune-up Race and 1000 islands + 2 race are open also for boats not participating in the Thousand Islands Race. They need to have ORC International or ORC Club certificate and comply with WS Offshore Special Regulations for Category 4 regattas. Entry fee is not required for Thousand Islands Race participants. Boats without ORC certificate may be accepted at discretion of the OA subject to terms, conditions and entry fee for non Thousand Islands Race participants is 5 EUR per crew member.

9.4 The organizer may change this schedule with adequate notice.
  Boats may be inspected before the race for compliance with the requirements of safety as well as measurement and rating. For this purpose, all boats shall be available for the inspection from Thursday, September 20th at 10:00 until Friday, September 21st at 20:00. It is mandatory that the skipper or his authorised representative be present at the time of inspection. Further inspections may be carried out on any boat after the race.
  Sailing Instructions will be available for each entrant at completion of the registration formalities.

The nautical charts of the Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia can be found at


The Organizing Authority will provide moorings free of charge for all boats entering the Thousand Islands Race from September 20th until September 30th at the Port of Rijeka before the start of the Leg 1 and after the finish of the Leg 2 and at Porto Montenegro after the finish of the Leg 1 and before the start of Leg 2.

  Participants are excused of payment of tax for the registration of arrival and stay of foreign yacht or boat in territorial sea and coastal waters of the Republic of Croatia from 15th September - 3rd October 2018. Foreign boats shall register at first custom office when entering Croatian territorial sea.
  Participants are also excused of payment of vignette in Montenegro. Any boat not doing second leg and intending on staying in Montenegro will have to get the vignette after second leg has started.

Competitors, owners and their guests grant at no cost the Organizing Authority the absolute right and permission to use their name, voice, image, likeness, biographical material as well as representations of the boats in any media (being television, print and internet media), including video footage, for the sole purposes of advertising, promoting, reporting and disseminating information regarding the Thousand Islands Race and the competitors and crew members’ participation in the race.


Trophies will be awarded for each leg and both legs combined to the best three boats in each division overall results and class. An additional prize will be awarded to the first boat in elapsed time on each leg.


Porto Montenegro will award vouchers of 5000 EUR for one year berthing fees to the Overall winners in each category (monohull and multihull) valid from September 2018 – September 2019. A Special award voucher of 5000 EUR for one year berthing fee will be given to the ‘Best placed Montenegrin Based boat for Leg 1’, valid from September 2018 till September 2019.


The organizer may also give additional prizes.


As part of the registration process, each owner, skipper and individual participating crewmember will be required to sign a declaration accepting the following disclaimer of liability:


I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), by the Sailing Instructions, the Notice of Race and all other rules and regulations referred to in these documents. I agree that the sole and inescapable responsibility for the nautical qualities of any yacht participating in the Thousand Islands Race, her rigging, the safety equipment on board and the competence, behaviour and dress of her crew is that of the Owner/Charterer of the yacht.


I also agree to take any and all responsibility for all damages whatsoever caused to third persons or their belongings, to myself or to my belongings, ashore and at sea as a consequence of my participation in the regatta, and hereby relieve from any responsibility, and agree to indemnify on a full indemnity basis and hold harmless, the Organizing Authority, their servants, agents and sponsors and their representatives in respect of any claim arising there from. 


I am acquainted with RRS Part 1 Fundamental Rule 4: "A boat is solely responsible for deciding whether or not to start or to continue racing".


I agree that the Organizing Authority their servants, agents and sponsors and their representatives have no responsibility for loss of life or injury to members or others, or for the loss of, or damage to any vessel or property.


For further information please contact:

  Tel. +385 (0)51 371 045

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