The town of Cres exposed for millions of years to winds and waves, to building and demolition, is getting increasingly beautiful, pliable, dear, attractive, sought-after day by day. It offers a memorable experience: meeting with nature- fitting in the nature in the same manner man used to do in primordial times, before he found himself in the jaws of civilization which inevitably caused his gradual isolation and estrangement.

This scenery of humanity and moderation rouses faith in a world which can be different from the one we are living in - a world of good living and satisfaction in a clean environment not threatened by ecological disaster.

Travelling in the island, hugging its coast, climbing the hills, meeting its people makes it possible for everyone to find a bit of pleasure and a moment of happiness.  

The town of Cres is the ornament of the island of Cres and its biggest settlement. It is situated on the northeastern part of a deep and well protected bay full of vast, sunbathed beaches. The town was patiently built in centuries by farm laborers and sailors.

The rapid development of yachting confirms that the old saying "Navigare necesse est" is getting increasingly important. It symbolizes the need man has always had for the element which is the source of life, for that primordial strength which frightens every experienced sailor but at the same time attracts him, regenerating his heart and soul. Entering the Cres acquatorium you feel to be facing fascinating beauties still to be discovered. The long coast precipitating towards the sea, wrapped in thick Mediterranean vegetation resembles a homogeneous and impenetrable mantle, interrupted here and then by the dazzling whiteness of the beaches.

The glittering of the sea discloses deep bays in which the people wishing to seclude themselves and live in harmony with the natural rules of the universe may cast anchor. On the other hand, those looking for greater comfort and new acquaintances will certainly find all this in the Cres and Lošinj marinas.

The most important cultural and historical monuments in Cres are:

  • Three town gates, Bragadina, Marcela and the gate of St Mikulo from the 16th century
  • A round, corner tower in the northwestern part of the town
  • The church of St Isidor from the 12th century
  • A number of Gothic, late Gothic and Renessaince churches the most remarkable of them being the Church of Our Lady of Snow dating from the 16th century with a tower bell from the 18th century
  • Municipal Loggia with a pillory
  • A Franciscan monastery from approximately 1300 with the Church of St Francis from the 14th century and a tower bell from the 18th century
  • A benedictine monastery from the 15th century
  • The palace of the family Patris from the 15th century which houses a musem
  • A number of Renessaince palaces of noble families from Cres



ACI marina Cres lies in the southern part of Cres harbor, in a long sheltered bay on the western coast of the island of Cres. It is open all year round. The marina has 450 berths and 120 boat places on land. All berths have water and power supply.

Facilities inlcude: reception, exchange office, restaurant, toilets and showers, grocery store, nautical gear store, dentist, repair shop, 10 t crane, 30 t travel lift, derrick for mast removing (20 m), boat charter, parking lot, comfortable apartments and gas station in the northern part of the marina.

Approach to Cres harbor is possible through a channel 400 m wide. Landmarks when approaching Cres harbor are the lighthouses on Cape Kovačine (Fl (2) 6s 9m 8M) and on Cape Križice (Fl G 3s 9m 4M). The lighthouse on Cape Kovačine can be used as a way point (44°57,6’ N 14°23,7’ E).

After approaching the channel between those two lighthouses, the lighthouse on Cape Melin (Fl R 3s 6m 3M) comes in sight. There is an underwater reef in front of Cape Melin, so a distance of at least 50 m should be kept. The entrance into ACI marina Cres is marked by harbor lights.

On the breakwater head there is a red lighthouse (Fl (2) R 5s 7m 3M) and on Martinski Islet a green lighthouse (Fl (2) G 5s 7m 3M). Maximum speed from Cape Kovačine to the marina and 5 knots and within the marina 2 knots.


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