From lull to lull, through all wind speeds between zero to forty knots and alomost all wind directions on the course among more than thousand Adriatic islands, could be quick summary of 8th Thousand Islands Race. In its pandemic variant usual two legs from Rijeka to Porto Montenegro and back were merged into one 482 miles long without stop in Montenegro.

Race started at 18:00 on Saturday 18th September from Rijeka harbour in light winds. Although postponement was considered due to lack of wind, it would require seriously long delay looking at unpromising prognosis for Bay of Kvarner. Start was given nevertheless on planned time and first task for sailors to pass through drifting conditions of Rijeka harbour and Kvarner began. All but one boat, Slovenian Karpo, choose most common route between islands Cres and Krk. Karpo's risky choice by passing through Channel of Velebit proved at the end as bad as it could get since there was much less wind in that area. Very soon Damaco owned by Berislav Vranić took a lead in real time meanwhile two Slovenian boats Macropus owned by Žiga Rebek and Elaya owned by Dušan Ušeničnik match raced along almost entire course at a very close distance.

Difficulties with light wind at the start of the ragatta were folllowed by gusts of Bura (NE) up to 40 kn in the middle Adriatic region that caused sail tear and damage of equipment on Austiran Vento Cadela, winner of Thousand Islands Race in 2019. They retired. Luckily no injury to the crew. Favourable winds, light at times, followed and fleet was sailing all along the course after rounding Ilsand Sv Andrija back to Kvarner where drifting conditons were waiting as a final test of endurance and skill.

After four days of racing Damaco approached finish line in Rijeka 5 miles to go and when Race Committee estimated they will cut the line on Wednesday 22nd September at around 13:30 it turned into long waiting hours. Eventually Damaco manage to finsh at 17:10:10 after 96 hours of racing. After they finished it became clear when others should finish to claim overall lead under corrected times. Slovenian Elaya needed to cut the line by 03:18 on Thursday 23rd September. Although it appeared easilly achievable but there was a lot of patience needed duirng those last 10 miles before they succeded to finish at 02:12:25. That was good enough to take over the lead with 1 hour and 15 minutes advantage over Damaco under corrected time and, what was later established, good enough to get overall title of Thousand Islands Race winner. Soon after Elaya, Slovenian Macropus reached finishing line and secured its second place overall under corrected time with 58:46 minutes behind Elaya and just 17 minutes ahead of Damaco. After more then 105 hours of racing it is hard to analyse where teams gained or lost precious minutes but result definitely demonstrate how racing was close.

In the multihull competition Austrian Namaste had to abandon particiaption due to equipment failure and Sayg I owned by Andreas Hofmaier, one of the best promotors of Thousand Islands Race sailed the course in a bit over than 118 hours.

End of 8th Thousand Islands Race is the start of preparations for the next year with an optimisim that it will turn to its original format of two laps between Rijeka and Porto Montenegro and attracting back all those that pandemic prevented form participating. Final results ...


Almost two years now the world lives in pandemic that significantly changed our lives and consequently Thousand Islands Race had to be postponed in 2020 to 2021. Situation is a bit better now but still restrictions in place adversely affect Thousand Islands Race organisation. In spite of difficulties and respecting wish of the sailors to see on the water Thousand Islands Race will take place in a reshaped fashion. The course will be a merge of planned two legs into practically one.

Start will be on Saturday 18 September in RIjeka on known course among more than thousand islands and return to Rijeka after rounding island Sv. Andrija. Non-stop without stop over in Montenegro unfortunately as a temporary fix due to present epidemiological conditions. We are looking forward to come back to normal next year to traditional format consisting of two legs from Rijeka to Porto Montenegro and back. Porto Montenegro Yacht Club continues as devoted partner in the organisation and awards the winner a voucher of 5000 EUR value for annual berth in Porto Montenegro Marina.

We look forward to return to the seas and sailing on the best course nature created.


Despite all efforts including set up of alternative course and wishes of the organisers and sailors, due to current situation with Covid 19 pandemic Thousand Islands Race is postponed for the same period in 2021 (16 – 26 September). Following interviews with all entered crews it was confirmed that travel restrictions set by different countries are significantly limiting the possibilities for almost all crews to attend the regatta and even though it was kept as last option, the organisers had no choice other than postpone the race.

Notice of Race and schedule are updated with the new dates that hopefully will bring us to normal as it was in previous 7 editions of the Thousand Islands Race. Entry fees already paid remain valid and organisers are looking forward to welcome new entries.


A bit more than a month to the start of the 8th edition of the Thousand Islands Race, organisers are committed to held the race as planned despite difficult times caused by Corona pandemic. Entries are already received from Austria, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia and Spain with more expected in weeks to come. Double handed division may attract attention particularly as this event may be great test for those crews that already started campaigns for new Olympic discipline. Also, new ORC Double Handed certificates will be used for this division to rate reduced crew weight and sail inventory more appropriate for double handed sailing. Boats racing double handed will compete in the same class as full-crewed entries, but be scored separately for special DH prizes.

Thousand Islands Race is scheduled to start with first leg from Rijeka to Porto Montenegro in Tivat on Saturday 19th September on a course going through more than 1000 islands of the Adriatic Sea and second leg on the same course in opposite direction with start on Thursday, 24th September. However, circumstances connected to corona crisis are putting new challenges that may not be easily predicted therefore organisers are considering alternative routes for unlikely last minute changes should it become necessary, following any decision and recommendation by local Public Health Authorities in Croatia and Montenegro.

Safety and health of participants is top priority. Therefore, Guidance for Event Organizer of Offshore Yacht Races published by World Sailing will be incorporated. Social gatherings will be tailored to suit no-crowd policies. Organizers are determined and excited to conduct race despite challenging times and looking forward to meet all crews on the best course nature could design.


Sailing Club of Rijeka and Porto Montenegro Yacht Club are privileged to announce dates and invite sailors to the eighth Thousand Islands Race from 17 - 27 September 2020. The race that is run among more than 1000 Adriatic islands is sailed on what we like to call as the best offshore course that nature may design.

There are two legs and participating yachts can choose to race leg 1 only, leg 2 only or both legs. First leg is starting on Saturday, September 19th at 18:00 in front of the historic Rijeka harbour in Croatia. Race course is set to leave islands Unije, Susak, Premuda, Dugi Otok, Kornat, Vis, Lastovo and Sv. Andrija on starboard and finish in front of Porto Montenegro marina in Tivat, Montenegro. Over distance of about 280 miles, challenge of navigating among the many islands and channels of the Croatian coast and fascinating Boka Kotorska bay await competitors. In return they are awarded by pleasure of sport and stunning region's natural beauty known around the world for its character.

After the prize giving party on Wednesday, September 23rd, the fleet races back to Rijeka on the same course, starting on Thursday, September 24th followed by the prize giving scheduled for Saturday, September 27th in Rijeka.
The 1000 islands + 2 race is planned on Wednesday September 23rd in Boka bay. Thousand Islands Race, already outstanding sailing experience in addition with its social events in Rijeka and Porto Montenegro marina would give good time together, seeing fellow sailors and meeting new friends.

Both legs records were set in 2015 by Hungarian Wild Joe. 27h 25m 5s with average speed of 10.14 kt for Leg 1 and 32h 45s with speed of 8.86 kt for Leg 2 are recognized by the World Speed Sailing Record Council. This is new challenge for Thousand Islands Race participants and opportunity to be listed in World Speed Sailing Records.

Entries in monohull division need an ORC Club or ORC International certificate and for multihull division, MOCRA certificate. Accepted are also double handed, one-design or boats of same type or production model as separate categories. Entry fee is 700 EUR but significant discount to 450 EUR for entries and entry fee payment received before 01.01.2020. There is also further discount for boats competing in one leg only.

Nautika Centar Nava is offering X4.3 yachts for charter for one or both legs of the Thousand Islands Race. Boats are equipped with racing sails, safety equipment and ORC certificate. Available charter options ...

Please consult Notice of Race for details, and also accommodation details in Rijeka and Tivat as well as logistic information about both venues. There are options for crew availability. In addition we would be very happy to answer your queries via
The easiest way to make your entry is on-line entry form. We are looking forward to see list of entered boats grow and host top sailors on this unique offshore race.

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